Feed Mill Services

Pedersen Nutrition can assist feed mills in maintaining feed matrix values and recommendations. Independent advice based on recent research results, in combination with experience built up over time means I can act as a valuable resource in terms of trouble shooting and assisting with or conducting R&D projects.

Feed Matrix

Maintenance of the matrix values for day to day feed formulation is of great importance for least cost ration formulation. Livestock Feed Consultancy can help you decide which nutrients should be analysed for and which ingredients and batches should be analysed. A program based on Bayesian networks can be developed specifically for your feed mill. Bayesian networks takes into account the cost of analysis in relation to the value of analysing for that specific nutrient.


To implement the latest research results, it is common for feed mills to conduct their own R&D projects in which Pedersen Nutrition can assist in experimental design and setup, statistical analysis and evaluation of the results.

Trouble Shooting

Livestock Feed Consultancy can help solve day to day nutritional issues by phone consultation.


Nutritional recommendations need to be reviewed and updated as production systems (genetic progress, changes in slaughter weight, housing systems etc.) evolve and new knowledge becomes available. Research results can be in difficult to interpret and may conflict with historic recommendations. Pedersen Nutrition can help provide explanations and advice.