Pet Food Services

Are you a pet food producer and want some independent advice regarding formulation and other nutrition related issues? If you are, then Pedersen Nutrition Ltd. can help you. As you are aware there is lot of ingredients to choose from and new ingredients are regularly entering the market. New research continues to provide new insight into ingredients, their functions and how it matches the requirement of pet and how different nutrients are important for pet wellbeing and performance.

I am a truly independent nutritionist, so advice is not linked into specific supplier or producer and therefore any advice is tailored to be entirely for your benefits. The nutritional is based on fully up to date knowledge about latest research data published. The aim of the nutritional advice is to help you archive your specific goals.

If you are looking for advice regarding a new or use an existing ingredient, Pedersen Nutrition Ltd. can provide scientific based advice which will be tailored to each individually client to meet their needs.