Scientific Services

Pedersen Nutrition Ltd. can assist with R&D and technical service topics. With many years of experience of conducting research at universities and in private industry as well as a comprehensive understanding of digestive physiology mean I am an industry expert in the field of feed additive mode of action. Together with very strong statistical analysis skills, I can project manage or assist in R&D projects.

Feedstuff Evaluation:

With a comprehensive understanding of feedstuff evaluation and different feedstuffs, advice on feed formulation in relation to specific products can be given.

Lecture Tours, Seminars and Presentations:

Livestock Feed Consultancy Ltd. will undertake lecture tours, seminars and give presentation (nationally and internationally), as an independently expert. Subjects in relation to livestock nutrition can be undertaken.


If you need external resources to help review R & D reports then Livestock Feed Consultancy can help you. This service is of particular value if you require an independent expert to discuss new concepts or product ideas.

Statistical Analysis:

With a very strong understanding of statistical analysis of research data, both single experiment analysis and meta-analysis can be performed by Livestock Feed Consultancy Ltd. Meta-analysis may reveal previously unrecognised findings.  Statistical analysis can be used as a strong selling point for products and is required for the registration of new products.

Pictures of pigs feeding