Services for Farmers

Are you a pig farmer and want some independent advice regarding diet formulation, feeding strategy or production? If you are, then Pedersen Nutrition Ltd can help you. As you will be aware, feed costs for pig production regularly account for more than 50% of the total production cost, therefore having a suboptimal feed or feeding strategy should be avoided at any price. Based in Southern England, Pedersen Nutrition will be happy to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.


I am a truly independent nutritionist so advice is not linked into any specific feed mill or product and therefore any advice is tailored to be entirely for your benefit. The nutritional advice, including feed formulation is based on fully up to date knowledge about latest research data published. The aim of the nutritional advice is to help you achieve your specific goals, generally maximising profitability.

Production Advice:

Reviewing and monitoring your production data will be the starting point for advice on improving your production efficiency. Again, the advice will be tailored to help you achieve your specific goals. Production advice to all groups of pigs (sows, weaner and growing/finishing pigs) can be given.